domingo, 3 de febrero de 2013

Real Video Backgrounds

Play your favourite songs of Phase Shift with real stages that make the game really looks awesome.
Here you will find a nice collection of videos of three of the greatest guitarists of all time.

---------- STAGE 1 - Joe Satriani ----------
Song: "Satch boogie"

This video is perfect for all kinds of songs, no singer and drumer close ups and the best if you play this video with the original song, the audio is synchronized to the video o.O yeahh!!!

---------- STAGE 2 - Steve Vai ----------
Song: "Juice"

Amazing video of Steve Vai with a three neck guitar, again in this song no singer and drums close ups excelent for pure guitar songs.


P.D: New stages soon...

viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

Rock Band Video Backgrounds + HD

This is a collection of some Rock Band Video Backgrounds for Phase Shift specially designed to work with the RB2 JD2504 theme and increase the gaming experience.

-The normal videos are encoded with a good quality and small size and an approximate duration of 3-4 mins.
-The HD720p videos are encoded with a superior quality but the size is bigger and a short duration about 1-2 mins.

*Older computers may notice a drop in FPS with HD720p videos.

 ---------------- STAGE 1 ------------------

  ---------------- STAGE 2 ------------------

---------------- STAGE 3 ------------------

 ---------------- STAGE 4 ------------------

---------------- STAGE 5 ------------------

---------------- STAGE 6 ------------------

 ---------------- HD720p STAGE 1-2  ------------------

 ---------------- HD720p STAGE 3-4  ------------------

---------------- JD2504 Enhaced Stages Pack  ------------------

---------------- Ingame Snapshots ------------------